Bellevue Brake Service and Repair

Professional Auto Repair by ASE Certified Technicians

Located at 14121 NE 24th St, Jeff’s Autohaus provides expert brake repair to Bellevue, WA, and the surrounding communities. You and your vehicle’s safety is important to us and because of this, we offer quality maintenance and repairs. Our goal is to avoid costly repairs and unexpected breakdowns. Your brakes are your first line of safety to avoid a collision or evading a sudden obstruction. Our team of ASE Certified Technicians has extensive training and knowledge of braking systems for all makes and models both foreign and domestic. Our Customer’s safety on the road is a top priority. Call (425) 644-7100 or stop by our King County location at 14121 NE 24th St today.

Warning Signals

There are several warning signals your car will give you to alert you of the need of brake repair. The first and most probably most annoying warning signal is a loud whining or screeching sound when braking. When exposed a small metal wear indicator located within your brake pad, will emit a loud noise. This is the warning signal that tells you it is time to change your pads. The second signal is spongy or delayed braking. This can signal low fluid or a leak in the line. Another warning sign is shaking or vibration. Yet, unbalanced tires can also be the culprit rather than your braking system and could indicate that your wheels are out of alignment. Lastly, if you hear a grinding noise when braking, pull over immediately and have your vehicle inspected at once. This is a sign your brake pads are completely worn and metal on metal contact is what you are hearing. If this happens you may need to replace your rotors as well as your pads. Take time to listen to your brakes when in use monthly and avoid costly repairs.

Why Choose Jeff’s?

Jeff’s Autohaus of Bellevue is dedicated to proving local, honest, and dependable brake repair to the King County community.  Locally owned and operated, we take pride in offering small town service that keeps our customers coming back. By providing no pressure and honest estimates coupled with quality auto repair and maintenance is what makes us your local dealership alternative. Let our dedicated team of technicians maintain your vehicle and keep your car off the side of the road and out of the shop! For dependable brake repair call (425) 644-7100, stop by our Bellevue location at 14121 NE 24th St, or schedule service online today!