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Common Check Engine Light Questions

Why is my check engine light on?

Why are my brakes making a squealing noise?

Why is my engine making a knocking or pinging sound?

No matter what symptom your car, truck or SUV may be exhibiting, our ASE Certified Technicians at Jeff’s Autohaus in Bellevue, WA can accurately diagnose the real problem or cause of the symptom(s).

Our Bellevue auto repair facilities are equipped with the latest, advanced technologies. Our professional Techs can precisely pinpoint the problem for you and then provide the repairs needed to get your vehicle back on the road!

So, why is my check engine light on?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions we receive. Today’s cars and trucks are equipped with an advanced on-board computer system which monitors every system in your vehicle. If any trouble arises in any of the vehicle’s systems, the on-board computer will store a trouble code which helps the Technician isolate where the problem is occurring. Retrieving the trouble code or codes is just the first step in the advanced process of accurately diagnosing any problems with the vehicle. After that, it takes a trained proffesional to fix and repair what ever codes arise.

If your check engine light (also known as service engine soon light) comes on, don’t wait till it’s too late! The range of problems that could be occurring with your vehicle can be minor to major – bring your vehicle to Jeff’s Autohaus in Bellevue for an expert inspection and diagnosis.

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