Oil Change Service in Bellevue, WA

Quick & Clean Oil Changes--Jeff’s Autohaus

Jeff’s Autohaus of Bellevue, WA provides professional oil change service.  Oil is more than crucial to the life of your engine and it’s performance, it’s required. Your engine will not function correctly without clean oil. The team at Jeff’s provides conventional, high mileage, and synthetic oil change service for all vehicles both foreign and domestic. We hire ASE Certified techs that are knowledgeable with all makes and models. Conveniently located at 14121 NE 24th Street stop by or call (425) 644-7100 for an appointment.

What is my Oil Change Service Interval Schedule?

No longer does every vehicle require an oil change every 3,000 miles or every three months. That used to be the standard but with the advancements in oil and additives, newer vehicles service intervals are extended and can go much farther than older vehicles before service. Vehicles can now extend service 5,000 miles, 7,500 miles, and even 10,000 miles; depending on the type of oil needed, as well as, make and model. If you are not sure what service interval your vehicle requires please refer to your owners manual or come by the shop and one of our oil change specialists will locate the correct interval for your specific year, make, and model. Routine maintenance is essential to safeguard performance and preserve gas mileage.

What Is Engine Oil’s Purpose

Some of the key functions oil have are lubrication, heat reduction, and the suspension and removal of dirt, dust, and particles. Lubrication of moving parts helps to reduce friction and heat. Additives within oil help preserve efficiency and extend lifespan. Within additives are detergents, dispersants, and rust inhibitors that help prevent deposits and counterbalance corrosive acids that occur. Moreover, they keep internal parts within your engine free and clean of buildup. Over time and use additives break down and lose their effectiveness. If overlooked and not changed, oil has the potential of becoming sludge like and unable to perform as intended.  When this happens is can cause your engine to work harder and unable to perform as needed. Eventually, failure to change your oil as suggested can cause needless and preventable damage.

Why Choose Jeff’s Autohaus?

Being family owned and operated, Jeff’s delivers small town service you can trust.  With professional maintenance and repair service provided by knowledgeable technicians that will review your service and answer any questions, you may have. Safety is our number one goal and priority. Timely oil change service and maintenance will protect your engine’s performance and preserve fuel efficiency. Scheduling services have never been easier, call (425) 644-7100 or schedule online for your next oil change service. Jeff’s Autohaus provides trustworthy and honest car maintenance you can count on.