Front Brakes, Rear Brakes, All Brakes, Oh My!

Do you know the difference between front and rear brakes? Outside of their position, of course. No? Well, then this content is for you. Despite the title “front brake” and “rear brake,” those terms have nothing to do with their position on your vehicle’s frame. Rather, it lends itself to the idea of friction and

Do You Know Your Vehicle’s Oil Weight?

If you are one of the many people shocked to find out that oil weight is important to know, then you’re not alone. But don’t bust out your weight scales just yet. Rather than tipping that number, so to speak, “oil weight” refers to the viscosity of the oil being used, which can affect everything

Signs of a Bad Air Filter

Is Your CarTelling You It Can’t Breathe?: Signs of a Bad Air Filter — Jeff’s Auto Repair If your vehicle isn’t performing as it should, perhaps it’s telling you it can’t breathe. Although car’s don’t actually inhale and exhale like humans, they are dependent upon air to function. That’s because all internal combustion engines rely

Signs Fuel Injectors Are Bad

How Will I Know if My Fuel Injectors Are Bad? –Jeff’s Auto Repair You likely don’t spend a lot of time thinking about your fuel injectors. They’re easy to put out of your mind until there’s a problem. If the issue is severe enough, those once-ignored injectors may suddenly have your full attention. We’ll give