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Games can be great fun, but the laughter stops when your car care information is inaccurate. Auto repair myths can cause you to purchase services you don’t actually need or lead you to ignore repairs you shouldn’t. These failures can cost you money and may even compromise your safety.

When it comes to auto repair, stop playing games. Instead, get the truth about car care and reputable service at Jeff’s Auto Repair in Sandpoint Seattle, Washington. In business since 1980, we’ve established a proven record of honest service and repairs for all makes and models. We’ve even won awards along the way, a fact that conveys our quality and reliability.

Stop Playing Games

Fantasies may be entertaining, but they lose their appeal when they put your means of transportation at risk. Usually, people perpetuating auto repair myths mean no harm. They may even think they’re helping you! The truth, however, is that you should consider sources and accuracy to prevent yourself from being duped about car care. Oil change requirements, for example, often spark half truths. While some contend that oil must be changed every 3,000 miles, higher mileage oils and engine building advancements have resulted in longer spans between necessary services.

As a novice driver, were you taught to warm up your car? Although this was advisable then for older vehicles, more modern autos actually warm quicker as you move. Therefore, better advice now is to crank the car and begin driving immediately.

Some drivers mistakenly think they should inflate their tires to the number stamped on the sidewall. You should consult your owner’s manual or door jamb sticker for proper inflation. The number on the tire’s sidewall is the maximum safe air pressure, not the optimal PSI. Also, while 2/32 is the minimum allowable tread for operation, your tires may need replacement before reaching that depth measurement.

Further, some drivers worry that using the air conditioner increases fuel consumption. Often, the drag from open windows causes inefficiency that exceeds the cost of using the AC. Another fuel question is about grade; do you need regular or premium? Most modern engines perform well with regular grade fuel. It’s a myth that you always need to purchase premium gas to get optimal performance.

Another myth often perpetuated is that transmission fluid should always be exchanged at 50,000 miles. To learn what’s best for your model, consult the owner’s manual for manufacturer’s recommendations. Finally, you don’t always need a dealership for maintenance. You can choose another shop as long as you perform and document the services needed to maintain the warranty.

Your Serious (But Fun) Place for Auto Care and Repair

Enjoy your visit to Jeff’s Auto Repair for all of your routine and preventative maintenance needs, but know that we’re serious about auto care!

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