5 Common Audi Problems

Your Audi vehicle combines performance and luxury into a powerful combination. That makes these vehicles extremely fun to drive. When the vehicle doesn’t perform as it should, that fun goes away. There are several common issues that Audi vehicles experience which generate plenty of complaints from owners each year. Here are some of the signs and symptoms you’ll want to watch for with your vehicle.

Audi Problems Which Are Common

The most common complaint about Audi vehicles is that their engines can leak oil intermittently. This creates a burnt oil smell that can be experienced while driving. Leaks in an Audi tend to occur around the valve covers. You’ll want to address this issue before any leaking oil can affect the other systems, creating a costly repair. There are some additional issues that affect Audi owners regularly as well:

  • Clicking or Clunking Sounds – This occurs during a sharp turn, or at low speeds. It’s an indication that a suspension component or subframe is loose. Be sure to address any issues with these components can cause your alignment to be out of spec which can result in premature tire wear and negatively effect your vehicle’s handling.
  • Check Engine Light Comes On – The vehicle may run rough or it may run fine with this warning light on. Several issues can trigger this warning, including a small leak in the emissions recycling system. Have the vehicle inspected immediately.
  • Carbon Build Up – Audi models from model year 2005 and newer use direct injection for their fuel delivery. While this method increases fuel efficiency and horsepower, it can result in carbon build up on the intake valves. This buildup will create a rough idle, reduced gas mileage, and in extreme instances, cause the vehicle to stall.
  • The coolant reservoir on Audi vehicles is somewhat sensitive as well. It can cause an intermittent leak when the vehicle is warm that can evaporate, leaving less coolant in the system as the only evidence of a leak. In severe cases, the reservoir will leak and a large amount of coolant will be lost which can result in over-heating.

How to Solve Common Audi Issues

Many Audi owners take their vehicles back to their dealership when a repair or regularly scheduled maintenance is required. If the vehicle is under warranty, then that action makes sense. If you are experiencing one of these common issues, you have another local option to consider – Jeff’s Auto Repair. We’re Audi specialists that are certified with specific training to repair your German luxury and performance vehicle. This insures that your experience in resolving the issues with your vehicle will be positive.

Audi issues can creep up at any time. If your vehicle is not performing as it should or it is experiencing one of these symptoms, then be sure to have it inspected right away at one of our three locations.

Written by Jeff's Auto Repair

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