Common BMW Problems

While BMW’s are known for being The Ultimate Driving Machine, they are not exempt from common problems and part failures. For example, in late 2017, BMW announced the recall of 1 million vehicles in North America. There were two separate issues involving a risk of fire that had to be addressed. One issue involved valve heaters that could rust. The other issue involved the wiring in the heating and air conditioning systems which could overheat. When a recall occurs, owners of affected BMW vehicles receive a notice from the manufacturer. They are encouraged to have the repair work completed by a local dealership or authorized party.

Recalls can be frustrating. Dealing with the common issues that come up with BMW vehicles can be equally frustrating for owners as well. Thankfully, there’s a local BMW expert in the Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue area that is your one-stop-shop for all BMW repairs – Jeff’s Auto Repair.

Common Complaints about BMW Vehicles

  1. Leaks around the water pump. This issue tends to be most prevalent in the 7 Series line of vehicles. There is a leak that likes to appear due to a failure of the seals in the coolant pipe. The 3 Series has a leaking issue too, but it comes from cracks that occur from the plastic expansion tank.
  2. The check engine light comes on. This issue affects almost all BMW models. When the warning indicator comes on, the vehicle tends to run rough. The issue is usually a misfire and occurs most often during cold weather.
  3. There is no air conditioning. There are several issues which can cause this common problem. A thorough examination of the vehicle is usually necessary to diagnose and repair the issue.
  4. Oil leaks. Gasket and seal failures are known to cause leaks into the alternator assembly. It may also cause oil to get into the coolant reservoir. Should enough oil leak, severe damage could occur to the vehicle.

What to Do if a Problem Occurs

If something unusual happens with your BMW, it can be tempting to visit YouTube or read instructional blog posts to try correcting the issue on your own. With a check engine light on or an engine not running as it should, an accurate diagnosis of your vehicle’s condition is important for a proper recovery. Don’t take chances with the health of your vehicle. If you experience one of these common complaints, then allow a knowledgeable expert at one of our five Jeff’s Auto Repair locations diagnose and correct the condition so you can continue enjoying the performance and luxury your BMW provides. Call or visit one of our five repair shops!

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