Do Electric Cars Need Oil Change?

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Until you gain experience with an electric vehicle, you’ll likely have a lot of questions. Perhaps you’re wondering, for instance, if an electric car requires oil changes. That’s a great question because the answer varies depending upon how you’re using the term electric vehicle–loosely or strictly. Whatever you drive, you’ll find expert preventive maintenance services and repairs at Jeff’s Auto Repair in Seattle, Washington. In business since 1980, we work on any make or model.

Maybe . . . Exactly what do you drive? 

As mentioned, the answers to questions regarding routine services such as oil changes vary depending upon exactly what you drive. Although modern car enthusiasts can readily explain the differences between autos using some amount of electrical power for operation, not everyone is that clear of the unique categories. As the name suggests, an electric vehicle operates completely on electrical power. A hybrid, on the other hand, uses both an electrical power source and a combustion engine. The exact balance between the two varies depending upon your model, and the combustion engine is often downsized. Since an electric car doesn’t have an internal combustion engine, the traditional problem of friction from the moving metal parts used during combustion is a non-issue. Therefore, there are no such parts to lubricate, meaning that your total electric auto won’t need traditional oil changes. This also means that you won’t be needing related services such as exhaust repair, hose and belt changes, fuel filter exchanges, or spark plug replacements. However, this does not mean that your car is maintenance free. Electric autos still need regular care even though they’re a breed of their own. You should plan on a service visit annually to ensure that major checkpoints are covered and that your car remains in good shape. There are fluids to support the electric engine. Your technician will check these as well as inspect the batteries. He/She will also take care of any wearable items such as cabin air filters, windshield wiper blades, and tires. If your vehicle is hybrid, you will indeed need traditional maintenance services for the combustion engine. Your owner’s manual will provide the manufacturer’s recommended schedules.

All the Services You Need No Matter What You Drive

Whether your vehicle is totally electric, a hybrid, or internal-combustion powered, you’ll find all the mechanical services you need at Jeff’s Auto Repair. Our dedicated team of service experts stay up to date on the latest vehicle technologies. This enables us to stay ready to help you with anything from your newest trendy electric auto to your favorite classic collector auto. Our attention to detail and respect for our customers has earned us multiple accolades, including neighborhood awards and industry specific top shop honors.

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