Driving Habits that Hurt Your Car

Avoid These & Avoid Auto Repair!

You probably don’t want to visit the auto repair shop to fix sudden problems with your vehicle, but that’s precisely what you’ll do if you practice unsafe driving habits! We don’t just mean aggressive driving. You might be damaging your vehicle with the way you drive and not even know it! Don’t worry, that’s why Jeff’s Auto Repair is here. We can help you start taking better care of your vehicle before you ever visit our shop in Seattle, Washington. To start, all you have to do is avoid these damaging driving habits that can create severe problems. Then, you won’t need major auto repairs to correct them!

Hitting Potholes

Unfortunately, potholes can be found anywhere. When you hit them head-on, they can damage your vehicle’s suspension, steering, and alignment. You can’t expect potholes to disappear, but you can stay vigilant and alert to avoid them. If you can safely avoid hitting a pothole, you should do so to protect your car. If you can’t go around without driving off the road or into another lane of traffic, slow down instead. This will minimize the impact and any potential damage.

Neglecting the Parking Brake

When you pull into a parking spot — in your garage or driveway, at work, at the store, or wherever you leave your car — do you engage the parking brake? Whenever you park your vehicle, you should use the parking brake. It doesn’t matter what kind of incline or terrain you’re on, or what type of transmission you have. If you don’t use the parking brake, you place the responsibility of stopping your vehicle from rolling solely on the transmission. The parking brake is specifically designed to keep the wheels locked in place. It’s safer to use and will reduce premature wear on other parts.

Not Stopping Completely Between Park, Reverse, & Drive

Sometimes you’re in a rush to get going. It might be the pressure of someone waiting for your parking spot or your hurry to get out of the driveway and get to work. When that happens, you might be guilty of shifting from “Reverse” to “Drive” without completely stopping. Shifting gears while the car is still rolling can cause damage over time. It might save a fraction of time, but it won’t protect your transmission! Always come to a complete stop when putting your car into “Park,” “Reverse,” or “Drive.”

Contact the Experts

Think you might have damaged your vehicle and need auto repair? There’s no need to panic! Contact your local service specialists at Jeff’s Auto Repair in Seattle, Washington. We would be happy to help!

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