How Oil Filters Work

Fluid Filters: Explained

When you get an oil change, the oil filter must also be replaced. That’s because it’s responsible for catching and trapping the contaminants that the oil collects over time. It’s normal for fluid to get dirty. That means it’s doing its job, and for the oil filter to do its job, it can’t be clogged. At Jeff’s Auto Repair in Seattle, Washington, we use the right oil filter for your vehicle to ensure you get the most from your new fluid until your next service. Here’s more information on how that filter works inside your car.

What It Does

The filter has two important roles: it filters contaminants and keeps oil in the right place. The engine can’t perform well without clean motor oil, which means it can’t succeed unless the oil filter is doing its job. The filter is the silent hero of your car’s powerful, consistent performance!

The Kidneys of Your Vehicle

If the engine is the heart of your vehicle and the oil is the lifeblood, then the oil filter is like the kidneys. It filters waste and removes it to keep the whole system healthy. With the use of the filter, clean oil can flow better and support a healthy engine. Without it, junk would accumulate in the fluid and build-up on engine parts, leading to performance and longevity problems.

Sending Oil Where It’s Needed

In addition to filtration, the oil filter is also a director. It keeps oil in the places it’s needed at the right time. For example, the valves shut to prevent oil from seeping when the car is not running. During cold months when fluid thickens, the relief valve opens to discharge unfiltered oil into the engine, giving it a much-needed boost until it warms up. These are just a few ways the filter is used to control where oil goes in the engine!

Replace it Regularly

After driving a few thousand miles, your filter has likely done all that it can to keep the fluid clean and the engine healthy. The oil has likely circulated through it around 12,000 times! At that point, it will need to be replaced. Visit the experts at Jeff’s Auto Repair in Seattle, Washington, for your fluid service. We’ll replace the oil and filter with the recommended ones for your vehicle.

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