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Batteries are one of the most important features of modern hybrid vehicles. Therefore, if you drive or are thinking of purchasing one, it’s helpful to have a good understanding of hybrid batteries. While we can’t give every detail here, we’re glad to provide you with a well rounded overview, much like the entries found in the encyclopedias we used before information was a keystroke away via the internet. (This is actually an interesting parallel. Our vehicle power technology has evolved in much the same way as our ability to share information.) Regardless of whether your car boasts the latest power plant or uses a more traditional engine, Jeff’s Auto Repair in Seattle, Washington, is here to help you keep your vehicle in top condition.

Basic Information

Because it uses a gasoline engine as well as taking advantage of battery power for general operation, the hybrid is aptly named. A traditional vehicle uses the battery for cranking, but then it relies on the alternator to keep making the electrical power. Also, a totally electric car runs solely on batteries with no combustion power. That makes its batteries larger and more expensive than those in a hybrid. Also, its travel distance is limited because it needs more frequent charging. The great asset of the hybrid is that it makes a nearly unnoticeable transition between using its two power sources. It takes full advantage of its electric battery, a 12-volt lead-acid battery, and the gas power plant. It even uses regenerative braking to top off the charge on the electric battery. It is, of course, more fuel efficient than a traditional vehicle because it uses gasoline for power only a portion of the time.

Differences in Batteries 

A hybrid battery is actually a multi-celled battery pack that’s necessary for providing the amount of energy needed to power the car. A polymer film that prevents short circuiting separates two electrodes sitting in an electrolyte solution. When the auto is switched on, the electrodes are bridged.

Life and Replacement Expectancies 

The life expectancy of hybrid batteries has concerned hybrid vehicle owners. Obviously, the batteries are necessary because a hybrid can’t operate without the special battery pack. While manufacturers have said their batteries should last approximately 100,000 miles or eight years, many owners found theirs falling short of this estimate. Technology is improving, however. This allows hybrid cars to operate more efficiently and batteries to last longer. Further, drivers can now purchase batteries from companies other than car manufacturers.

Your Local Hybrid Dealership Alternative

Not only can you get batteries without purchasing from the carmaker, you also have an alternative to the dealership for service and repair. Jeff’s Auto Repair is your go-to shop for hybrids.

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