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You’re driving down the highway without a care in the world and your engine sounds ready for another 100,000 miles of quality performance. So why did your Check Engine Light just come on? Your first thought is probably, “How long has that been on?” If you notice the little red light as soon as it popped onto your dashboard, you already know the answer to that question. But the answer you won’t know until you visit Jeff’s Auto Repair in Lynnwood is, “What’s wrong with my engine?” Honestly, no one can answer that question without receiving professional attention and using accurate engine diagnostics. Our technicians have decades of experience servicing check engine lights, but we still use the most advanced tools and equipment to give the correct diagnosis. We can determine your vehicle’s condition with thorough inspections and trouble code analysis. Check engine light services are not something you can eyeball. Any decent technician can make a good guess, but it takes a professional with the appropriate equipment to get it right every time. Getting an accurate diagnosis is half the battle, and that’s where many auto repair shops get it wrong–from the beginning. The problem could be anything from a loose gas cap to a serious engine or transmission repair. We handle it all!

Continuing to drive with a check engine light can be very harmful to your vehicle. That’s why drivers should understand what stage of disrepair their vehicle is in. The check engine alert will let you know exactly how serious the repair service is. A solid red light on the dashboard is the first indicator, and it should still give you enough time to bring your vehicle to Jeff’s Auto Repair. Some drivers delay service because they don’t believe the problem need immediate attention. Unfortunately, this turns into an emergency repair situation. Your dashboard will let you know by causing the check engine light to flash. If your check engine light is flashing, you need to bring your vehicle to Jeff’s Auto Repair. Depending on how long you’ve been driving like this, you may have done very costly damage. We should definitely be your next stop, and we’ll make sure you drive away in a fully operational vehicle. Our ASE Certified techs make the check engine light disappear as well as any repair need.

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Obviously, the next questions are, “Who?” and “Where?” And they’re just as easy to answer, Us and Here–Jeff’s Auto Repair in Lynnwood. We’re your local check engine light repair specialists, and we want to be the shop that let’s you know exactly what’s wrong with your vehicle’s engine. Give us a call today at 425-771-4588 to schedule your next auto repair service. To schedule an appointment right now while you’re on our site, use our online scheduling system. The next time you’re in the Lynnwood area, feel free to stop by 21701 Highway 99. We gladly accept walk-ins!