Motor Oil Can’t Be Broken, Can It?

No, your motor oil isn’t a part that can break, but it can break down. One of the most important things you can do to extend the life of your car and to minimize expensive repairs is to change the oil regularly. Whether you use conventional, full synthetic, synthetic blend, or high mileage engine oil, you need to ensure that your vehicle is routinely given new lubricant.

Therefore, it is wise to bring your car or truck to the ASE certified technicians at Jeff’s Auto Repair in Lynnwood, Washington. We can assist you with all your maintenance and service needs for any make or model vehicle.

What Happens to Oil Over Time

Wine connoisseurs assure us that a great bottle gets better with time, but car enthusiasts know that it is just the opposite of motor oil. The purpose of engine lubricant is to coat the moving metal parts to prevent bare metal from rubbing against bare metal, absorb some of the heat produced from friction, and collect dirt and debris to prevent it from corroding parts. As oil is aged not only by time but also by mileage and engine heat, it gradually loses its properties, rendering it less and less effective until it is nearly worthless and can actually cause issues of its own. This allows metal shavings from improperly lubricated parts to flake off into the oil and circulate through the engine, potentially causing damage. Also, internal parts of the engine can overheat, potentially causing warping. Finally, the lubricant can no longer gather the unwanted particles and keep them away from the engine parts, allowing corrosion to occur because the oil’s additives have also lost their effectiveness. The nasty, ineffective oil eventually becomes a dark gel known as sludge that further contaminates the engine and can cause the engine to seize. Although synthetic or blends last longer, all types of lubricants must be changed eventually.

Change Your Oil, Change Your Car’s Fate

Lack of proper lubrication is one of the top three causes of catastrophic engine failure. Your decision to change or not change your oil on a regular basis can actually determine your car’s fate. Simply stated, oil breakdown will cause a car breakdown. In many vehicles today, you will actually receive an alert in your dashboard panel when it is time for an oil change. Will your vehicle last a long time, or will it die an early death, costing you thousands of dollars for an engine replacement or new car purchase?

Trust The Professionals

To ensure that you have a sufficient amount of clean oil and a fresh filter, bring your vehicle to Jeff’s Auto Repair in Lynnwood, Washington. Our experts can provide you with the preventive services that will keep your investment running well for as long as possible.

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