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Changing the oil in your vehicle is one of the most important maintenance tasks for the overall health of your car or truck. Despite the ease of access, many drivers push their vehicles beyond the oil change due date. They keep driving, even if they suspect that an oil change might be necessary. Don’t be that person! Instead, bring your car to Jeff’s Auto Repair for quick, convenient, and affordable oil changes.

When do you need an oil change? What type of oil should you use in your vehicle to prolong driving time? Always check your owner’s manual first. You can also speak with one of our friendly service advisors to discuss your options. Our service advisors are experts in all makes, models, and vehicle types and will tailor a maintenance plan specific to your vehicle.

Here is some additional information for you to consider as well.

When Are Oil Changes Really Necessary?

You’ve heard it as many times as we have: you should get the oil changed in your vehicle every 3 months or every 3,000 miles. The truth is a little different. Modern vehicles can have go for at least 5,000 miles before receiving their regularly scheduled oil change. Some vehicles are even designed to go for 10,000 or even 20,0000 miles before having the oil changed.

How can you tell which option is right for you? It all depends on the quality of the oil used in your vehicle and what your driving habits happen to be. We’ll make a suggestions as to which oil you should be using and what the drain interval will be.

What Type of Oil Works Best in Today’s Vehicles?

he oil in your vehicle still needs to be changed at the 3,000-mile threshold if you’re using a conventional, non-synthetic oil in your vehicle. Vehicles that were built before 2008 may also have the 3,000-mile recommendation stated by the manufacturer. In both situations, you should avoid prolonged driving on old oil as viscosity breakdown occurs at that point.

If you’re using a full synthetic oil or a synthetic blend oil, then most vehicles can achieve at least the 5,000-mile threshold. There is one exception. Drivers that travel short distances, below highway speeds, may wish to have their oil changed sooner. Driving 1,500 miles in the city is about the same as driving 5,000 miles on the highway.

Changing the oil in your vehicle isn’t the only service that is performed on your vehicle. Coming in for a regular oil change allows our mechanics to look for other concerns that may be developing, such as a leaky gasket, worn brakes, fraying belts, or unusual tire wear. The next time you’re due for an oil change, be sure to bring your vehicle to one of our five conveniently located Jeff’s Auto Repair shops in Lynnwood, Seattle Sandpoint, Seattle Windermere, Renton, or Bellevue.

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