Should I Follow My Recommended BMW Service Schedule?

BMW Repair Recommendations

So you are the proud new owner of a BMW vehicle, but now you need to know how to take care of it for many years to come! Some auto repair shops will tell you that the best way to stay on top of BMW repairs is by following factory recommended maintenance schedules. Others will tell you to come in regularly at intervals that better fit your specific driving habits. The bottom line — no one wants to go to the auto shop more often than they need to. So, how can you decide what schedule to follow? Here’s what Jeff’s Auto Repair recommends!

Personalized Preventative Maintenance

Finding an expert auto repair shop that specializes in import vehicles can make all the difference when it comes to your BMW’s repairs. They have years of technical training and experience to match dealership quality repairs and provide exceptional customer service. A great import technician will use your vehicle’s model, age, maintenance history, and individual driving habits — including how far you drive and how often — to create a personalized preventative maintenance plan. Factory maintenance schedules don’t account for how fast parts may wear out under different driving styles and weather conditions. For example, vehicles in hot climates will likely need oil changes more often to replenish essential additives and protectant molecules.

BMW Factory Recommended Repair

A recommended maintenance schedule for your BMW may look something like this:

  • Intermediate Oil Service: Every 5K-10K miles
  • Oil & Safety Service: Every 10K miles
  • Inspection I: 30K, 90K & 150K miles
  • Inspection II: 60K & 120K

These intervals are designed to maintain vehicle performance with minor and major services ranging from lube service to replacing spark plugs and filters. While you should keep these guidelines in mind to ensure repairs are completed when necessary, a BMW specialist may be able to better inform you of the condition of parts with routine service. Remember, the more often you visit the shop, the better a technician can get to know your vehicle and watch out for repairs.

New vehicles might give alerts through computer systems. If your BMW doesn’t, work with your import specialist to anticipate repairs and stay on top of regular maintenance.

Written by Jeff's Auto Repair

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