10 Summer Car Care Tips

Beat the Summer Heat with These Cool Car Care Tips

car care tips

Summer is upon us and it’s time to get your vehicle ready for spring showers and the summer heat. Whether you are planning a lazy summer or road trips we have just the tips to make sure your car is ready to beat the heat! Make sure your car is ready for the weather by following these great suggestions.

  1. Have your oil and filter changed. Your vehicle and its oil go through different and often harsher conditions when the weather is cold. Having a fresh oil filter and clean oil will help your vehicle run better in the hot summer heat.
  2. Check your tire pressure often. Tire pressure decreases in cold weather and increases in warmer weather. Tire pressure fluctuates more often than you may realize; which is why you should check it often. When your vehicle has been sitting for more than three hours check your tire pressure. Waiting till your car is rested or cold helps to ensure an accurate reading. Having correct tire pressure will also improve gas mileage and reduce unnecessary wear and tear on your tires.
  3. Have your air conditioning and cooling system inspected. Not only do you need to stay cool in the summer heat but your vehicle needs to as well. Making sure you don’t have any leaks and that you have proper levels of refrigerant and coolant fluid is essential to keeping your air conditioning and cooling system happy and working in good condition. Inspecting the hoses when the engine is cold is also recommended to confirm that they are not squishy or soft.
  4. Belts, belts, belts and hoses. When temperatures are running high you have a greater chance of hose and belt failure. If these components overheat because of high temperature and friction your vehicle cannot lubricate itself properly and could cause a breakdown.
  5. Have your tires and brake system inspected to make sure they are in good working order. High temperatures affect more than just your engine, belts, and hoses; it affects practically everything including your tires and brakes.
  6. Inspect your wiper blades. It rains more often in the spring and summer and without good windshield wiper blades you wont’ be able to see. So, this one is sort of a no brainer.
  7. Keep a front window shade handy and use it. This will not only protect your vehicles interior from sun damage, but it will also help keep your vehicle a little bit cooler.
  8. Change your air cabin/pollen filter. Often leaves and pollen muck these up so it’s a good idea to change it once or twice a year depending on your vehicle.
    Keep a front window shade handy and use it. This will not only protect your vehicles interior from sun damage, but it will also help keep your vehicle a little bit cooler.
  9. Wash your vehicle and keep it clean inside and out. During sunrise and sunset glare can make it difficult to see and dirt and grime make it worse. Making sure that your windows are clean and free of dirt and grime will help reduce glare in increase your visibility overall. Keeping your exterior clean also helps protect your paint and reduces damage caused by insects and birds.
  10. Last but not least, drive safe. It is easy to become distracted when on a long road trip or out driving with friends. Pay attention and make sure everyone has a safe and happy summer.

Written by Jeff's Auto Repair

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