The Happy Engine

What It Takes to Keep Car Engines Healthy & Happy

Nobody (not even the people who work at auto service shops) want to encounter the need for major engine repairs. They’re expensive and inconvenient. The best way to avoid engine repairs is to prevent them through routine maintenance. Keeping your engine “happy” will extend its life, enabling it to serve you well for a long time. The ASE certified technicians at Jeff’s Auto Repair on Sandpoint Way in Seattle, Washington, are eager to help you with all your service and repair needs.

Important Engine Maintenance Services

There are several simple things you can do yourself at home to help protect your engine. First, check your oil. Second, check your coolant. Insufficient lubricant and coolant have led to the untimely death of many cars. Other checks and services are likely easier for you to leave to the professional mechanic. For instance, in addition to checking the oil, you need to change it on a regular schedule. Oil loses its ability to perform properly over time. It doesn’t coat your moving metal engine parts as well as it should, allowing friction to cause damage. Also, old oil cannot remove heat from the engine as well as it needs to, and it can no longer capture dirt and debris, keeping them away from the metal engine parts where they cause corrosion. If you’re noticing frequently low coolant levels, you may have a leak. This might be an area you want the technician to address, as well.

Like you, your engine likes clean air. You should also replace the air filter at scheduled intervals indicated by the manufacturer. Although the timing belt shouldn’t have to be replaced often, it is a good idea to have it checked so that a change can be made if necessary. Your car’s manufacturer also has recommended intervals for replacement. You should also have other belts checked and exchanged when needed to ensure that worn belts don’t break, rendering your engine useless. Finally, you should have a tune-up performed as recommended. For older cars, this is about once per year or every 10,000-12,000 miles. Newer cars, however, need this service visit much less frequently. Consult your owner’s manual or your mechanic for advice regarding tune-up intervals.

Making Your Engine Smile

Your engine can’t smile, but if it could, it would let you know how happy it is when you get it properly serviced. Vehicle maintenance keeps your engine running well and greatly extends its usable life. The experienced service technicians at Jeff’s Auto Repair on Sandpoint Way in Seattle, Washington, are glad to assist you in keeping your car operating optimally for a long time to come.

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