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When your vehicle’s transmission needs repair, you may wonder whether a transmission rebuild is a good option for you. That decision actually hinges upon your goals, budget, and timeline. If your transmission is ailing, bring it to Jeff’s Auto Repair in Sandpoint Seattle, Washington. Our certified technicians will help you weigh options. We’ll provide service for any make or model according to your choice. In business since 1980, we have a proven record of keeping vehicles on the road and customers happy as evidenced by our numerous consumer and industry awards.

Chapter 1: What Is a Rebuild?

A rebuild is a reconstruction that allows all transmission components to function normally again. Specifically, the transmission is comprised of many parts that work in unison to allow your auto to operate at various speeds. These include gears, rotors, pumps, and bands. All those moving parts can wear out over time, particularly as your car reaches higher mileage. When technicians rebuild a transmission, they replace the parts that are causing the component to malfunction. Auto owners can either replace the transmission or exchange the significantly worn parts in a rebuild.

Chapter 2: What a Transmission Rebuild Can and Cannot Accomplish

Having transmission rebuild as an option is fantastic, but you should understand what you’re getting in terms of what this repair can and cannot accomplish. If your goal is to restore the transmission to its factory condition, you’ll need a replacement. This option provides you with a new transmission with no miles on it. If time and money are not constraints (such as when you’re restoring a highly valued collector car), this may be the best choice for you.

On the other hand, if you need your car returned to you quickly or if your repair budget is limited, a transmission rebuild may be the ticket. Once location and shipping time are factored into the equation, you’ll be without your auto about twice as long if you opt for replacement, so a rebuild is faster. Also, you can expect to pay about half the cost of a typical replacement.

If you decide to rebuild, chances are that you can continue driving a long long time without needing additional transmission repairs. There are, however, no guarantees. A rebuilt transmission is not new. While the defective parts are replaced, they work alongside the other used parts that were left in place. This leaves open the possibility of more trouble later on.

Forget the textbook. Go for the CliffsNotes.

If you’re tired of plowing through a transmission textbook, go for the CliffsNotes instead. Allow Jeff’s Auto Repair to take care of all your transmission service needs for you.

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