Trying to Maintain Your Car in Trying Times–It’s Still Important

We all know that the COVID-19 public health crisis has created trying times for everyone. As a city and community, we were particularly concerned when the first case identified in the United States appeared just north of Seattle in Snohomish County. Since then, our national focus has understandably been on this dangerous virus. People are less focused on car maintenance than they ordinarily would be. However, now might be a more important time than ever to ensure that your vehicle is maintained properly. At Jeff’s Auto repair on Sandpoint Way in Seattle, Washington, our ASE certified technicians are ready to help you maintain your car while keeping you safe from public contact and contaminated surfaces.

Why It’s Still Important to Maintain Your Car

Although your health should be your first priority, another important consideration is keeping your vehicle properly serviced and maintained. You want to be sure your car is in good working order so that you do not have difficulties reaching essential services such as medical service or grocery shopping. Further, you don’t want your car to become unsafe because of skipped service visits. Although you never want to have an accident and become injured from poor braking ability or unsafe tire traction, now is the worst possible time to have to make a hospital visit for a preventable injury. As you know, our medical system is already overwhelmed. Finally, since the virus has made an economic impact, most of us may put off purchasing a new car in favor of driving the ones we have a little longer. Routine service visits will enable our current rides to last longer.

Maintaining Your Car While Maintaining Social Distance

Even though we enjoy talking to our customers face-to-face, we know that now is not the time. We all must practice social distancing and take all possible precautions to prevent spreading the virus. Therefore, Jeff’s Auto Repair in Seattle, Washington, Sandpoint Way location, has made the commitment to provide you with the essential services you need for your vehicle while keeping you safe. Our staff is following all Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and King County guidelines. We are repeatedly disinfecting all shop high-touch surfaces, and our service technicians are wearing disposable gloves–a clean pair for each car–as they’re working on your ride. Also, we are cleaning the high-contact points of your car both before and after the service. These include places such as the steering wheel, door handles, shifter knob, key, etc. Estimates, invoices, and payments can now be handled through text, email, or phone call, and we are making available 24-hour outside drop-off so that you do not have to make direct contact with anyone. Thus, we’re making it possible for you to maintain your vehicle as it should be even in these difficult days.

Written by Jeff's Auto Repair

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