What Is Emissions Testing?

Everything You Need to Know About Smog Checks

If you are new to Renton, WA, you might be unfamiliar with state-mandated emissions testing. The state of Washington requires drivers to complete smog checks before renewing registration to ensure all vehicles comply with the minimum standards for emissions. Enforcing checks promotes healthy air quality and reduces pollution for all residents of Clark, King, Pierce, Snohomish and Spokane counties.

  1. Who Needs An Emissions Test?

  2. Most gasoline-powered engines need emissions tests, except for motorcycles, models year 2009 and newer, the Toyota Prius and the Honda Insight.

  3. Where Can I Get My Vehicle Tested?

  4. You must find an authorized testing station or Washington Applus Test Station. For drivers in Renton, WA, Jeff’s Auto Repair is your local emissions testing station. For more information and locations, visit the DMV’s website.

  5. When Do I Need a Smog Check?

  6. When transferring vehicle and registration ownership, a retest is required unless the last test was within one year. Drivers must complete emission testing prior to tab renewal.

  7. What Can I Do To Help My Vehicle Pass?

  8. Well, maybe not all drivers ask this question before arriving for their emissions test, but Jeff’s Auto Repair wants our customers to avoid failure and retesting. We recommend that you warm your vehicle up before the test with 10-15 minutes of highway driving and run the vehicle until the moment of the test to potentially improve results.

  9. What If I Fail the Test?

  10. If your vehicle fails the emission test, your tester will provide the cause for failure so you can make repairs. You can return to an Applus station within one year for a free retest. Vehicles with missing or tampered emission control equipment will not pass or receive waivers for multiple failures.

If you need more information about emissions testing in the state of Washington, feel free to contact Jeff’s Auto Repair in Renton, WA or the DMV. We are happy to answer any of your questions and concerns about checks and repairs.

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