Why You Need Lube Service

How Oil Changes Help Your Car

Protect Performance & Value

Are you a skeptic of routine maintenance? We don’t blame you. Unfortunately, some drivers don’t trust the advice of their auto shops once they’ve had too many dishonest experiences. First, know that Jeff’s Auto Repair in Bellevue, WA isn’t like other auto shops. We prioritize honesty and integrity at the center of all our services. We don’t make up repairs just to make a buck. We care about our customers and only recommend repairs and services to protect their vehicle’s performance and value. A well-maintained vehicle will run as designed for much longer and retain its value better.

Protect The Engine

As a part of preventative maintenance services, oil changes are essential to protecting your car’s heart — the engine. Motor oil runs through the engine, lubricating parts, preventing damage and overheating. Over time, when its additives wear out, oil must be replaced to effectively clean and protect the engine and all of its intricate components. Old oil accumulates dirt and grime from road debris. When left unchanged, those contaminants flow through the engine causing damage and degrading performance.

Stay On Top of Factory Maintenance Schedules

Most auto repair shops recommend getting motor oil changed every three months, but how frequently your specific vehicle needs lube service depends on its age, maintenance history, and your specific driving habits, including how much you drive. Cautious drivers want to protect their vehicle, but not overpay for services they don’t need. We recommend working with a certified professional to determine what intervals work best for you and your vehicle so you don’t visit the auto shop more often than necessary.

Check Up on Important Components

Every visit to Jeff’s Auto Repair in Bellevue, WA is another opportunity for our professional technicians to get to know your vehicle. Over time, we get familiar with its overall health so we can tell when something has changed between visits. When you stop in regularly for oil changes, chances are other problems can be addressed before they evolve into major repairs.

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