Why You Need Oil Changes

Never-Ending Maintenance

Vehicle care is never-ending. From the first moment a car is driven off the lot at the dealership, the engine is working. Parts are moving, running, spinning, and beginning their endless journey of wear-and-tear. And with that, so begins the on-going need for maintenance to protect these parts. That’s where Jeff’s Auto Repair in Renton, Washington comes in. We help drivers stay on top of maintenance services to protect their vehicles for miles and miles! And it all starts with routine oil changes.

Don’t Skip Oil Changes

As long as you are driving your vehicle, it will need attention and care because skipping maintenance services dooms your vehicle to early breakdowns and shortens its lifespan. We know that you want more from your vehicle, which is why we offer the essential services you need to protect it and oil changes are one of the most important things you can do to protect your car’s performance.

New, clean motor oil lubricates parts to reduce friction, overheating, and excessive damage. It removes contaminants that degrade function and decrease efficiency. It’s the lifeblood of your engine! But like all other components, it won’t last forever. Motor oil accumulates dirt and grime, breaks down, and fails to properly protect the engine over time. With continued use, old motor oil forces the engine to run harder and hotter, which is bad for all of its components. So before old oil can take its effect, it is replaced with the new stuff. Full of helpful additives and conditioners for the engine, new motor oil brings assured benefits for continued performance.

Save Stress & Money

Your engine can’t benefit unless the motor oil is changed routinely. Old motor oil simply doesn’t get the job done. As much as you may not want to visit the auto shop every few months for this service, it makes a huge difference in your vehicle’s long term health. We often hear people say, “but the cost of oil changes adds up!” If you want to enjoy the best that your vehicle has to offer for as long as possible, you’ll want to keep up with recommended oil changes. Thes manufacturer has outlined a schedule in your vehicle’s owner’s manual as part of its maintenance needs. Ongoing care is simply part of vehicle ownership! And routine oil changes will save you stress and money in the long term by preventing major problems. Small investments in your vehicle’s health over time are better than handling major auto repairs!

Written by Jeff's Auto Repair

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