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As any vehicle accumulates mileage on the road, it adds wear-and-tear to its components. The brake pads are actually designed to wear down from use, but it’s a matter of how quickly it wears down. Drivers need to pay attention to the condition of their brakes to maintain safe driving conditions. The first sign of trouble will usually be audible. You’ll hear a high-pitched squealing noise every time you apply your brakes. Your brake pads are letting you know that they’ve worn down too low, and they need some professional attention. There’s no need to panic, but you should definitely take note and make an appointment for brake service. This alert can go unnoticed by drivers if the cabin noise is louder than the squeal coming from the brakes. Driving with the radio too loud, the air conditioner on high, or having the window rolled up can prevent drivers from hearing this warning. If you continue to drive your vehicle without receiving proper attention, you’ll soon hear an unmistakable grinding noise when you apply your brakes. Brake repairs are an emergency at that point. There’s a serious problem that needs to be addressed when there’s metal-on-metal scraping.

Our brake repair specialists are here to make your road travel as safe as possible. Maintain proper stopping distance with our efficient brake repair service. When drivers wait too late to receive our quality brake inspections, they find out on the road the true condition of their braking system. By that time it’s too late. Sometimes extreme changes in road conditions or weather will cause slow responding brakes to cause an accident. Let our team of brake repair experts give you the information that you need by using our state-of-the-art tools and equipment. Slow brakes, sticking brakes, and stiff brake pedals are all symptoms of a larger brake repair problem. Jeff’s Auto Repair is here to make sure your vehicle’s braking system is as safe and effective as possible. This is a result of our careful and thorough brake inspections, and complete brake repairs.

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