Your Car’s Emission Control System

Three Sources & Systems

Do you understand your car’s emission control system? It’s okay if you don’t! The system is complex, but vitally important to reducing emissions from vehicles on the road today. Jeff’s Auto Repair in Seattle, Washington explains the key parts of emissions control systems and how they work. With this information, you can better understand car emissions and any repairs the system might need throughout your vehicle’s lifespan. Be sure to handle emissions repairs promptly to ensure your car doesn’t over pollute!

What it Does

Emission control systems limit the release of harmful gases from cars into the atmosphere. This includes hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, and oxides of nitrogen. Engines, crankcases, fuel tanks, and carburetors are all sources of these harmful gases. Emission control systems were developed to prevent pollution from these sources and keep the atmosphere cleaner for everyone! Without these systems, pollution from cars would be a much greater threat to human and environmental health.

3 Sources

1. Crankcase

The crankcase is a source of unburned hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide. Today, leaked combustion gases from the crankcase are combined with ventilated air and recirculated. The process lowers the temperature of combustion and burns pollutants that would otherwise be emitted.

2. Catalytic Converter

Additional combustion to prevent pollution also occurs in the catalytic converter. Gases pass through packed beads of metals in this component, which act as catalysts to turn harmful gases into water vapor.

3. Fuel Tank & Carburetor

Fuel tanks and carburetors contain hydrocarbons that continuously evaporate from gasoline, especially in older vehicles. Previously, these fumes were emitted directly into the atmosphere. Today, sealed fuel-tank caps and evaporative control systems reduce those emissions. The vapors flow from a sealed tank to a separator. It returns raw fuel to be used again and transports fuel vapor to the combustion chamber where it is burned.

Emissions Repair

As you can tell, the emissions control system is complex and full of various components that work together to reduce pollution from cars in Seattle, Washington. When it needs repair, you need an expert who understands how it works! Jeff’s Auto Repair is your go-to emissions repair team and can help you pass your next smog check.

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