Common Brake Problems You Should Not Ignore

Are your brakes making a squealing sound? All brakes can make sounds when they are engaged. If your brakes are making a consistent squealing sound when you hit the brake pedal, however, that is an indication that you are experiencing brake issues. The most common brake issue experienced by drivers is a worn-out brake pad. Some brake pads can last for 70,000 miles or more. Others may need changing after 25,000 miles or less. Ignoring brake issues can be a costly experience in multiple ways. If those brakes are screeching, get them inspected by Jeff’s Auto Repair as soon as possible.

Common Symptoms of Brake Issues

If your brake indicator warning light is on and your parking brake is not engaged, then your vehicle is telling you that there is a problem. Grinding sounds can indicate a brake issue as well. Some brakes do not squeal, even when there is metal on metal. Having a rock get stuck in your brake caliper can cause this sound as well, even if the brake pads are healthy. Vibration while braking, a soft brake pedal, and a burning smell after driving can all be indications that your brakes need some attention as well.

Just one of these symptoms is concerning. If you have more than one of these occurring with your vehicle, then it needs brake service right away. You could be damaging your vehicle every time you drive it with these symptoms present.

Here’s What Happens When Brake Service is Ignored

When your brake pads wear out, then you create a situation where the metal of the pad meets the metal of the rotor. If this issue is not addressed right away, then you can put grooves into the rotor from your braking habits. Grinding sounds are another indication that you are damaging the rotor.

Over time, the rotor can develop a variation that leads to vibration and wobbling. That can become dangerous if you must stop quickly as it is more difficult to control the vehicle as it shakes. By addressing brake issues as soon as symptoms are detected, it is much easier to avoid potentially costly repairs. One easy way to ensure your vehicle is always performing as it should is to have your brakes inspected when you get the oil changed in your vehicle.

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